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Must Know Facts About DWI


Primarily, it should be stated that in the event that an individual has been consuming alcoholic beverages, they are encouraged to seek out alternate methods to return home; this can include using a ‘designated driver system’ or simply calling a taxi – in many cases, DWI’s are very easily avoidable. A DWI conviction results in a mandatory loss of license, as well as a fine. In addition, depending on the frequency of the offense, the penalties can include jail time, the installation of an ignition interlock system, and a multitude of surcharges imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, if one feels as though they have been charged wrongly for a DWI, there are a variety of outcomes in that situation. There must be proof – beyond a reasonable doubt – that the driver was not intoxicated while driving; this can be accomplished by hiring an expert witness, as well as an attorney who specializes in DWI litigation and DWI defense.

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